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Dream, single channel video, 2min 40sec, 2011

A figure in three different layers is shown close-up on the screen. Three different dreams are being told through three different overlapped layers of the same figure.

All at once, the figure in each of the three layers speaks about a dream. However, their stories are barely intelligible, as they are mixed with same level of video and sound. Despite being a simple fabrication, the overlapped translucent figures are chillingly surreal and demonstrate a schizoid characteristic.

The overlapped stories about dreams do not become one narrative structure; rather, they are more like sequences of words of free association at a subconscious level. Centering on the motif of dreams, the work bodies forth the splitting of simultaneity, consciousness and meaning of the multiple ego.

With their eyes wide open, the figures on the screen mutter their unconscious experiences, collapsing the boundary between consciousness and subconsciousness, demonstrating a state of subconscious consciousness and conscious subconsciousness.

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