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Roots, 2015, roots grown from the burnt prostituition building.

           Photo: Kim Dohee


A seed that wandered around a city 10 years ago landed on the top of concrete burnt to ashes. And the seed grew into a tall tree by taking nutrition from the ashes, while no human came to it. Removing rubbish that had been piled up thick under the tree exposed the tree’s roots. The roots, for their survival, had spread over the concrete building like resilient and dense veins.


10여년 전 불탄 성매매업소 쓰레기 더미에 씨앗이 떨어졌다. 그리고 이 씨앗은 사람이 드나들지 않는 사이 잿더미를 양분삼아 키 큰 나무로 자라났다. 무릎까지 쌓인 두꺼운 쓰레기를 치워내자 나무의 거대한 뿌리가 드러났다. 뿌리는 메마른 콘크리트 건물에  혈관처럼 퍼져 있었다. 

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